Confessions of a Facebook like seller:

Are you sure buying Facebook likes is a good idea?

… and how to protect “your online self” from becoming a laughing stock.


I remember it myself,

Selecting the name and creating the fanpage url, getting it live, putting the cover and photos up.

Asking friends to like it just so the number of fans doesn’t look completely pathetic.


It all brings up good memories. But what’s next?

All my competitors are having thousands or tens of thousands of likes and you think:


How the hell did they do that?


I mean, I’m doing all the right stuff:

Adding content, staying relevant, trying to engage them…

… but the interaction is just not there. The momentum is not there.


While all the big boys seem to just post random things and get 10 times the amount of traction I am getting.


What am I doing wrong?


The answer is, you might be doing everything right, but you just don’t have the numbers to get the ball rolling.

See, the universe always follows the same rules and people are always attracted to big numbers. Two fanpages with the exact same content will evoke completely different reactions when one has 150 000 likes and the other has 45.


Through the numbers people immediately judge your credibility, trustworthiness, and professionalism. It takes them a split second and they don’t even know they do it. It just happens.


“… 45 likes? Are these guys for real? There has to be something better out there… [ clicks away ] “


It’s sad, but even if your content blows everything else out of the water, people will still go through that judgmental  mind process ** before even getting to your content ** .


Let that sink in for a moment.


Yes, people will not even get as far as reading what you’re trying to put in front of them, because you don’t have the necessary numbers (i.e. credibility).



What Should I Do To Change That?


One way is to grind 24/7 churning out content and hoping that somehow, sometime people will respond positively to it, and magically your fanpage will get some traction.


A lot uncertainty there you might think.

The other way is to, as you already know, buy facebook likes and establish instant credibility that way.


“… but I’ve heard so many bad stories about it, what if buying facebook likes hurts my online reputation? “


The stories you’ve heard are most likely true. There are more scammers out there than there are legit companies.

You just need to know how to pick and choose the right ones.


Trust me this is important.

Making the wrong move here will definitely cost you more than the price you paid for the service.

  • Think of having your online image tarnished for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Think of time spent trying to rebuild what you already had.
  • Think of  the lost nerves.


Don’t cut corners or you will be the next fall guy that customers point fingers at.


Here are the 3 commandments of buying facebook likes:


  1. Never go for the cheap.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you want everything quick and I know that the Internet makes it look like you can always get the same thing cheaper.

But just think for a second.

Do you honestly think that you can buy 500 or 1000 likes for some measly 20 bucks?




Is there any way for a company to get you that amount of real human fans within such a low amount of money and still make some profit on it?

In terms of buying facebook likes,  everything that’s cheap means it’s fake.

Yes fake facebook accounts.


The worst thing about those is that:

a)    Every single person that’s not completely brain dead can tell that they are fake accounts.

b)   Fake accounts get deleted by Facebook quicker than you think. You get say 1000 facebook likes in a week and everything seems nice and dandy. But the next week they are all gone. Nothing left. Just put yourself mentally through this situation, imagine what your customers will think of you.


In order to produce quality you always need to put significant time and effort. In business terms, time and effort costs money. Therefore, to get quality real human fans and likes you will need to pay a bit more.

And that’s a good thing, at least you know who is offering what.

And you can make an informed decision based on that.


  1. Support


That’s a quick one.

There are quite a few websites out there, looking all good and shiny but there is nothing behind them.

I.e. they are quite happy to take your money, but nothing will ever be delivered.

No emails responded to.


Every real business out there needs to have a person for processing orders and answering emails.

Do yourself a favor and just check if  there actually is someone on the other end.

If you send them an email and they never reply – just move on.


  1. See Where The Company Is From


I’m not sure if it’s racist or not but it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you get what you want.

The location can tell quite a lot. Generally speaking companies located in far Asia carry a much higher risk of something going wrong than companies located in the Western countries. This is simply because of how the law works and how individuals and business are held accountable for their actions.


Try to pursue someone legally in China or India… you get my drift.

It’s common sense.



Now that you know the dos and don’ts

Try to evaluate your previous picks again. You might get a different view on who you should place your business with.


There’s no novelty in what I said, it’s just information collected over years of being in the business.

Just like you I started out wanting to buy some facebook likes and got ripped off more times that I would like to admit.

I thought, this can’t be right, there has to be a better way of generating facebook buzz in a safe and customer friendly manner.


That’s why after months of burning through thousands of dollars, getting scammed quite a few times, and split-testing new methods I developed my own service that I can confidently offer to people.

Hassle free and with top notch results.


It was developed with people like you in mind, people who worry more about their long term results and reputation, rather than short term gains that can bite them in the butt later down the road.


International Fans and Likes

$54 / 1000
$54 / 1000
  • Fans From All Over The WorldMix of countries, many are European
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Progress Updates
  • 100% Real Human Fans Guarantee
  • Full Amount Always Delivered

USA Only Fans and Likes

$54 / 500
$54 / 500
  • Fans From USA Only100% USA Fans
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Progress Updates
  • 100% Real Human Fans Guarantee
  • Full Amount Always Delivered

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